Sabbath School Lesson 2017 Quarter 3 Lesson 5 Monday

Sabbath School Lesson 2017 Quarter 3 Lesson 5 Monday

Sabbath School Lesson 2017 Quarter 3 Lesson 5 Monday

July 23, 2017
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Is it safe in the realm of religion to believe something for which we have no evidence. Wouldn’t that be the most dangerous area in which to make a decision without information, without evidence. When a child says “I believe there is a man on the moon” we smile and say thats very childish. But when a man says don’t ask me to give you any evidence for God. It’s just something I accept by faith, we think that’s acceptable.

Some will say in realm of religion, I can’t give you the evidence for this but I have a warm feeling of conviction deep down in my heart that it is so? How trust worthy is this warm feeling deep down in the heart? Don’t all religious people have warm senses of conviction in their hearts about what they believe?

Our good friends in the Mormon church, Latter Day Saint’s openly are without apology take this approach. Many of their sermons that are presented are directed towards the subject “how do we know, {that is} we Latter Day Saints know, that we are God’s one true church?”

The answer given always is “the holy spirit has born witness with our spirits,” and we have a sense of convictions in our bosom, and we know this is so, you don’t have to sight evidence you just know. You have this inner conviction. 

I heard one story, about a peach tree that used to blossom on a certain university campus. It seemed that the women would look doubly attractive to the men. Courtships would flourish. Occasionally the Dean would decide that one of these friendships was really not well advised and she might call the young man in and say “Young man, may I advise a little caution, do you know this girl very well? Don’t make a hasty a decision and the young man could say, “ah but Dean I have a warm feeling of conviction in my heart that this girl is for me.”

The dean might say “Well now young man you know that a warm feeling in the heart is not very reliable, you must get to know this girl better, you haven’t even had an invitation to her home yet, see how she behaves around her family and so on. 

The young man might say I’m surprised, but last night at vespers you said, when it comes to making up our minds about God, don’t ask too many questions, don’t be too demanding of evidence. There can come this sense of conviction within, and you’ll know that it’s true. Is it possible Dean that my decision about my future wife, is more important than my decision about God? It would seem to me, if it’s important to have some knowledge and some evidence before making a decision about ones husband or one’s wife, then it’s infinitely more important to have some evidence, some information, before making a decision about God?

Another group our our Christian friends, the Roman Catholic’s they believe with all their hearts that Mary, the mother of Jesus is in Heaven. No question is there? As evidence that their faith is genuine, in times of joy or sadness, their hearts instinctively goes to Mary.

We their fellow Christians, would like to suggest that, though half a billion, of our fellow Christians, the Roman Catholics, believe that Mary is in heaven, we believe that she isn’t there. Now how are we going to decide, we have a conviction that she isn’t, they have a conviction she is.

Do you take the temperature of each individual and  out who has the warmer sense of conviction?

What do we do with our friends who hold different convictions about God? Don’t we try to present the evidence? Isn’t that the only way to go? 

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Sabbath School Lesson 2017 Quarter 3 Lesson 5 Monday

Article Name
Sabbath School Lesson 2017 Quarter 3 Lesson 5 Monday
Sabbath School Lesson 2017 Quarter 3 Lesson 5 Monday
Sabbath School Lesson 2017 Quarter 3 Lesson 5 Monday

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