Sabbath School Lesson 2018 Quarter 1 Lesson 7 Sunday

Sabbath School Lesson 2018 Quarter 1 Lesson 7 Sunday

February 11, 2018
Posted by: adventist
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  • I am so blessed from these insightful quotes. Overall these presentations and in depth studies have impressed my heart so much and have made the study of the weekly lessons come alive to me. Thanks so much

  • I have been using the quarterly since I joined the church, then I was asked to teach a Sabbath school class. As time went on I discovered that the quarterly left me wanting more. I’ve got an eager bunch who share a love for diving into the Word of God. I wanted to give my class more, I knew that I had to go deeper in my level of understanding, and my search led me to this site. It’s been a blessing to me, my class and those willing to have a closer walk with God. Thanks for creating and sharing on this site.

  • Perfect lesson, i learn more from this video and writings… so blessed and to enriched the word of God

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